CJGuide: Job Hunt Checklist

Makin' A List. Checkin' It Twice.

Preparing To Apply

□ Save money. Lots of money.
□ Get a passport or renew old one.
□ Have a good portrait taken and have several passport sized copies made.
□ Update your resume.
□ Double check your references.
□ Write a "Why I Want to Teach in Japan" essay.

Hunting And Applying

□ Save more money.
□ Search websites and choose companies.
□ Does company accept applications from outside Japan?
□ Double check age limits
□ Double check required materials.
□ Check with ESL Cafe and other websites for feedback about company.
□ Find out if companies will accept color copy of diploma.
□ Send in applications.

Moving to Japan

□ Save more money.
□ Buy a suit, tie, shirt, etc.
□ Get an International Driver's License. (Required for some rural and suburban jobs.)
□ Assemble a "Home Country Kit" including flags, pictures, and maps.
□ Pack enough clothes, etc. to survive at least a week.
□ Pack things you won’t need right away to be shipped later.

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