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These are examples of the kinds of symbols an apartment hunter will find on Japanese language advertisements posted in real estate shop windows or published in free bulletins left in and around train stations. (Your humble editor knows one agency that leaves its bulletins on a milk crate in the middle of a busy side walk.)

Do note that not every agency uses icons like these. In most cases, however, the features will be listed with the same kanji.

No Reikin (Key Money) required. No "Key Money" (non-refundable deposit) required.    
Autolocking mechanism symbol. The front door comes equipped with an auto locking mechanism.
Pets Allowed symbol. Pets Allowed. It's also possible to see Piano Allowed.  
Private garden symbol. Apartment includes a private garden.                            
Intercom camera symbol. Apartment includes a camera-equipped intercom system to monitor front door.
Loft symbol. Apartment includes a loft space.                                   
Elevator symbol. The building has an elevator.                                        
Air conditioner symbol. Apartment comes equipped with an air conditioner.      
Light fixtures symbol. Apartment comes equipped with light fixtures.              
Unit Bath symbol. Apartment has a Unit Bath. (Toilet and bath are in the same room, as in a hotel.)
Separate bath and toilet symbol. Apartment's bath and toilet are in separate rooms.        
Shower symbol. Apartment has a shower rather than a bath.                  
Reheating mechanism symbol. Apartment's bathtub equipped with a mechanism to reheat bath water without using more water.
Washing machine symbol. Apartment has a space inside for a washing machine. In many places, the washing machine goes outside.
Water heater symbol. Apartment has a central water heater. In older places, only one faucet and the shower are heated.
Bicycle parking symbol. Apartment building has a place for parking bicycles.     
Cable television symbol. Apartment comes equipped with cable television access.
Broadcast Satellite symbol. Apartment comes equipped with access to Japan's Broadcast Satellite channels.
Balcony symbol. Apartment has a balcony. (As do most apartments. This "feature" may actually hide a lack of features.)
Flooring symbol. One or more rooms are covered with linoleum or other flooring rather than tatami straw mats.
Closet symbol. Apartment has at least one closet. (Again, this "feature" may indicate a lack of real features.)
Tile symbol. Something in the kitchen or bathroom is tiled.               
Bay window symbol. Apartment is equipped with a bay window.                  

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