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--Job Links--Resources
--Job Links--Companies
--Government & Ministries
--Agencies and Institutions
--Prefectural & Local
--Magazines & Directories
--Media Groups
--Arts and Culture
--Food and Drink
--Japanese Language

Job Links--Organizations & Resources
   Japan Association for Language Teaching
   Ohayo Sensei
   ELT News
   Dave's ESL Cafe
   ESL Japan
   Jobs In Japan
   The JET Program
   Council of Local Authorities or International Relations (CLAIR)
   JET Alumni Association
   The JET Program Resource Centre

Job Links--Companies
   121Sensei--Teaching in Japan? Want Students?
   Interac Co., Ltd.
   James English School
   Orangutan English
   Phoenix Associates Student-Teacher Matching Service

Government Ministries and Offices
   Prime Minister's Office
   Cabinet Office
   Foreign Ministry
   Finance Ministry
   Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
   Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
   Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ministry
   Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry
   Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry
   Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry
   Environment Ministry

Agencies and Institutions
   Japan Patent Office
   National Tax Agency
   Post Office
   Japan International Cooperation Agency
   Japan Policy Research Institute
   Japan Law
   Japan Studies Network Forum
   Japan Association for Cultural Exchange
   Japan Foundation
   Japan Meteorological Agency
   Japan National Tourist Organization

Prefectural and Local Governments

Prefectural and Local Governments (cont)
   Wakayama (Japanese)

Magazines and Directories
   The Japan Times
   Americans in Japan
   Japan Information Network
   Japan Reference Page
   Planet Tokyo
   Time Out: Tokyo
   Kansai Time Out
   Japan Today
   Japan Atlas
   Tokyo Metro Maps
   Japan Guide
   Japan Rail (JR)
   jLinks--Japan's Most Useful Sites
   Tokyo Weekender

Media Groups
   Foreign Press Center
   Nihon Shinbun Kyokai
   Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
   News on Japan
   Kyodo News
   The Daily Yomiuri Online
   The Asahi Shimbun
   Mainichi Daily News
   Metropolis (formerly Tokyo Classified)
   Asia BizTech
   Japan Inc
   TownPage Directory

Japanese Arts and Culture
   Anime International
   Kabuki for Everyone
   The Ginza Kabuki-za
   Classical Music Information Center
   Opera Japonica
   JPAN (Japan Foundation)
   Museum Information Japan
   Kyoto National Museum
   National Museum of Ethnology
   Nara National Museum
   National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
   National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
   National Research Institute for Cultural Properties,Tokyo
   National Museum of Art, Osaka

Japanese Arts and Culture (cont)
   Tokyo National Museum
   Science Museum, Tokyo
   National Science Museum, Tokyo
   National Museum of Japanese History
   Technology Utopia
   A-Bomb WWW Museum
   H-Japan Discussion Network
   Astronomy in Japan
   Tokyo Comedy Store
   The Japan Tattoo Institute
   Made in Tokyo
   Jomon Japan

Food and Drink
   Dining Out In Tokyo
   Tokyo Food Page
   Urasenke Tradition of Tea
   Sake World
   The Joy of Sake

Japanese Language Links
   Learn Japanese
   The Japanese Page
   Japanese Online
   Marshall's Japanese Page

   The Flying Pig (Shopping at Costco)
   Butters' Japan
   Fumiko Docker Architecture/Photos
   Ski Japan Guide
   PhotoGuide Japan
   Photospace B
   Tokyo Stories -- a humorous novel by Christine Miki
   The Von Klar Cybercastle
   Zenvirus--Hugh Cook's Japan Blog and Writer's Guide
   Black Cover -- Finding the Perfect Notebook

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