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Your bumbling editor wishes to humbly apologize for an egregious error in the last CJT. TEPCO has only thirTEEN nuclear plants, not THIRty and of those eight have been shown to have covered up problems, including cracks in the reactor shroud. Currently, seven of the eight remain in operation, but the number one reactor at the Kashiwazaki plant will be shut down pending further review. Three of the plants, including Kashiwazaki, will undergo simultaneous inspections (nothing like closing the barn door after the horses have irradiated your children) and the rest may be slated for inspection. Your bumbling editor no longer claims to understand how the number 29 applies to all this, but it apparently does. If news reports are accurate, TEPCO workers didn’t deem the shroud cracks “important” enough to report to inspectors. Your bumbling editor would like to know why the inspectors took them at their word rather than, um, inspecting the plants themselves. More news, hopefully accurate, as it arrives.

Also, in Nagano, two faction leaders responsible for leading the No-Confidence Motion against Governor Yasuo Tanaka have resigned from the diet. The other factions are meeting today to decide what to do.



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