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Year 2006

Long Gone Long Issue
Little Prince At Last ; PSE BS ; BSE BS ; Show Me It's All About ; Abe Rising ; Ends And Odds

Snow And Shams Issue
Revenge Of The Suits ; Houses Built On Sham ; Snow Country Blues ; Koizumi's Kid ; Read My Lips ; You Can't Refuse ; Ends And Odds

Year 2005

Jagged Crazy Cool Issue
Cool Biz, Warm Biz ; Jagged Dirty Things ; Pillars And Erections ; World Cup Madness ; Ends And Odds

Dinosaurs And Wheels Issue
Suit And T-Shirt ; NHK Blues ; All Your Bento ; Eat, Drink, Be Merry ; Things Fall Apart ; Ends And Odds

Year 2004

Strikes and Plagues Issue
Water Water Everywhere ; One Strike You're Out ; Who Weeps ; Typhoons and Bears ; Moved To Tears ; I Am Not Myself

Oddly Overlapping Issue
The Enemy Of My Enemy ; Tearful and Trouble ; The USS Pueblo ; Field of Schemes ; Ends And Odds

Partly Problematic Issue
Don't Be A Hero ; No Good Deed ; Tax Trouble ; Pension Problems ; Sports Problems ; Drug Problems ; Ends And Odds

New Year Edition 2004
Smackdown ; Every Bullet You Take ; Reform Without Change ; Mad Cows ; Green Eggs ; No Graduation ; Ass-A-Shoryu ; Phone Clone

Year 2003

The CJT--Big "Erection" Special
Party Erections ; National Erections ; Out With The Old ; Japan Failways ; What Rough Beast ; Strange Harvest ; Ends and Odds

About Damn Time Issue
Gang Rape Is Good ; Murder Most Foul ; Terrorism Is Good ; Toxic Victory ; Ass-A-Shoryu ; Grope My Wife ; We Harass Boats ; Cherry Pickers ; Screaming ; Not Gonna ; Odd Fellows

Smoke In The Wind Issue
Nippon Terebi Spectacuhler ;
Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Fighters Holding Guns ; Bringing The War Home ; Cooking Babes ; Citizen Tama ; White Cult, Brown Seal ; Smoke 'Em ; Strange Bedfellows ; You Will Reap What You Say ; Afterthoughts

Post 2002 Edition
Godzilla ; Horror and Humanity ; Enemies Like These ; Certain Unalienable Rights ; Sorry State of Sumo ; Quotes of the Year

Year 2002

Autumn Edition 2002
When Words Fail ; Say It Ain't So, Hiki ; Tama-chan ; Picking the Scab ; Matsutake Madness ; Takenaka Shock ; Misery Loves Companies ; And Justice For All

More 2002 Issues:
Special Bulletin: Kashiwazaki Updates ;
Correction and Update ;
Surprisingly Swift September Issue ;
Addendum and Erratum ;
Post Damned Near Everything Issue ;
Tuesday Night Massacre Edition

Year 2001

Ramadan Edition--December 2001 ;
August 2001 ;
Summer Solstice Edition ;
Correction and Update--March 2001 ;
The "K" Edition ;
New Year Edition

Proto Issues

The Proto CJT--Hatsu Basho Reports: January 2000 ;
The Proto CJT--1998 Nagano Olympics Report Card

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