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The following are bits of bad English aspiring toward the poetic (with a little help from your humble editor.) The spelling and grammar have been left as found in the students' papers. Only the line breaks have been changed. Also, in a few cases, a title has been added for effect.

If you have any possible poetic gems, please email them to your humble editor.

A System On The Fifth

Many people want
a system on week the fifth.
But, my academic
the late principal
was made an arbitrary decision.
The rest continuously
two day so of week is easy
that compared with the rest.

Surely I understand
of the late princpal's view.
we need study time now.
We must advance
the world of society tomorrow
on the first,
we need survive
in for severe world of society.

However we must humanize ourselves.
the most important thing
is to play to we are rize it.
therefore, we need to learn social life.
But now Japanese children
too little time to play.
So, probably it will be better
to week make my school
into a system on the fifth.

Submitted by DL

Winter To Summer More

Under present condition
it is difficult to put
the advantages and disadvantages.
How as for the event, will it be?
In the summer, It is
but in the winter,
there are no New year and christmas.
It is a personal thing
but there is little part activity
and in the that
there is little quantity
of the homework reason,
the winter is better than the summer.
Actually, I like an atmosphere, too
I prefer the winter to summer more.

Submitted by DL


We communicate by selfphone
If it is not have selfphone
that I don't live.
Because I love selfphone
and I will not go
to Ikebukuro
with my friends on weekend,
next time.
I will go to onsen.

Submitted by DL

Today Just For a Moment
I think that the bodily talk
will be carried, out.
Do you think that there is a portion,
which may not be into the body?

A certain, day leg said,
"Hey hand, you seem to hang down always
and be easy.
It is in the place which looks good to it
from everybody and is observed.
Isn't it sly?"

Then a hand
"Since I am a hand am I not natulal?"
It was not going to hear it at all.

Surely, I feel that it is slyer,
than a leg for a hand, an ear etc.
A ring is attached to a finger.
A pieaced earring is attached to an ear.
Hair sometimes changes a color.

A reg can receive no benefits
even if tired of walking. However
He has to walk
in order to make a living.

This can be transposed to human society.
The people with money eat the dericious thing
which buys high dress.
The people without money cannot buy such a thing.
It merely works.
Such men are making the earth.

Therefore, the present life
must not be regarded as natural.
If there is no erectricitys...
If there is not water service

I am helped by too much many people
and is alive,
If that is put on the corner of the hart,
feeling become good just for a moment.

Submitted by HP

Because The Sea
includes the offshore current,
the poison medusa,
and the seasnake,
it is dangerously filled.
But they can be prevented beforehand.

It was said,
and when there was not offshore current
because it was able to break the wave
in case of the place
from which white-crested waves stood,
the defence net came to be set up
to defend the sea bathing guest
from the seasnake
and the poison medusa,
and it became safe.

Submitted by DL

I Wasn't Angry Much By Now
(it's when I was asossiate with befor af)
I was always assentation.
It's not the truely I.

I'm not obedient,
but it's a myself.
I've all done things
I immediately regretted having done.
I can't skillful control my feeling.

Submitted by GS

The House When It Lived Before

Since it passes along the house front
in which it lived before every day,
the condition which can do the new house
is known.
When it passed along
a it front today,
the house when it lived before
was lost completely.
When the house in which
16 years lived was seen lost,
it became a somewhat lonely feeling.

My present room is a room
where it is narrow and is dark
and which has only a bed and a desk.
Since the book is also put in order
and it cannot read,
it does not become precocious.
It is free,
and since there is also no
method of comrades,
it becomes immediately sleepy.

I wish to move
to an early new house
from the bottom of my heart.

Submitted by DL

I Think That Burden
of people who live far from school increased.
They had get up early in the morning.
Time for student
with slow going home
to go to sleep by homework
will also become late
in club activity
or a private school

Submitted by DL

Rock Was Born
as fuse folk-music,
blues and jazz.
folk music is
a white man culture.
blues and jazz
are black man cultures.
in short,
Rock music is freedom simple
about human race problems.
But, I don't feel
like peace in the world
by music power.

Submitted by DL

There Is A Person
with stiff hair
because it dyed the hair
many times
in my friend.

Submitted by DL

One Reason Is
that it can perform many things
such as a pool in the summer first.
It is because another reason has a rest
longer that winter in summer
and it is absorbed in soccer
during a rest.

Submitted by DL

In Who Which Is Senior To Us
and more Japanese,
there is a person
who does not throw away the idea
that the person who dyes the hair
is a person
not good either.

Submitted by DL

Other Reason Is
winter is cold
but clothed clothes
not cold
but hot in summer
is take off clothes
may hot.

Submitted by DL

Horyuji-Temple's Pillars
whose bilge keep swell
was called Entasis,
and that came
down from Greece
through the Silk Road
as changing the shape.

Submitted by DL

In Strange Space

It can be said that
ourself is regazed at
by traveling Japan
where we live.

In traveling abroad,
there is pleasure
which experiences new discovery
by traveling in strange space.

Submitted by DL


Are which good as for
MLB and NPB?
It it is said
whether by me,
I like the MLB

Submitted by JM

from a small thing,
even a big thing can be put in
in an instant,
if it is a thing within the limits.

In that case,
special technology
does not have necessity,

If based on these points,
I will think that the bag
is better.
I consider it better
not to take time and effort
and not to take time too.

Submitted by JM

A Convenience Store Must
a far distance to there be nothing
at once to near
and buy a thing

Submitted by HP

Still It Became Work
though it wanted to do terribly.
It is happy if it is invited

Let's go to drink
if there is free time beause
it sometimes goes to Tokyo on business.

Next week it goes on Tuersday and Saturday.
Until October 24-November5,
because it is Tokyo motor show,
if it isgood come.

It stays at me,
the hotel,
and goes frequently for the work.
Tanks for the invitation.
It was glad that it could have it invited.

Submitted by GS

This Meat Is
very meat.

Submitted by DL

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