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The following are bits of bad English aspiring toward the poetic (with a little help from your humble editor.) The spelling and grammar have been left as found in the students' papers. Only the line breaks have been changed. Also, in a few cases, a title has been added for effect.

If you have any possible poetic gems, please email them to your humble editor.

I Killed Hayato With Speeding. Because
I wanted to save the earth.

When I was bringing
the monster to my star, but
the monster broke the case and
went to the earth.
I had to catch it. So
I did speeding. And
I killed Hayato
riding plane with my hand.

I was alone. And
I had to catch the monster alone.

Submitted by DL

There Was The Plan
that my brother take him to me,
who is at the place
where nobody is,
and I shoot him.

Submitted by DL

I Think Ice Cream
is the best.
Very sweet and cold,
so very

Submitted by DL

When I Feel Like Better
and get up early,
I go to school on foot.
The morning sunset is very comfortable.
Not everyday. go to school
on the same road.
Sometime I enjoy
the other way to school.

Submitted by DL

My Father Is A Clean Head.
My father has a knowlerge
better than me.
Taiyaki is a nice thing to eat.
Taiyaki is the thing
to eat best of all foods, but
My mother is a thing
to eat better than taiyaki.

Submitted by JM

I And The Keeper There Near

I catch the ball.
Only I and the keeper there near.
It seems to be no one
Without me and him.
I excited more and more.
And I shoot the ball to the goal.
I succeed to shoot the ball.

The time,
one of my best,
exciting time.
my something exciting time is
maybe to succeed something.
I think I want to found
my something exciting more and more.

Submitted by DL

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