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The following are bits of bad English aspiring toward the poetic (with a little help from your humble editor.) The spelling and grammar have been left as found in the students' papers. Only the line breaks have been changed. Also, in a few cases, a title has been added for effect.

If you have any possible poetic gems, please email them to your humble editor.

Car And Train

The car can go directly to the place
in which it wants to go.
And time doesn't worry
when going out.
But the road is crowded.
And Danger of encoutering the accident is high.
The train comes,
time is accurate,
and danger of encountering the accident
is a little.
But the train can go only at the station.

Submitted by DL

It Is A Sea As For Summer

I think that there is person who
goes to the sea in everybody
during summer vacation
and played.

There might be a person who
spent it in the summer resort
in the highland, too.

It is a sea as for summer.
It becomes cool
if entering the sea
on a very hot day.

Marine sports such as
snorkel and surfing are happy.
But the wave gets rough by the weather
and it comes in a dengerous place.

The mountain can touch
naturally by camping.
When green trees are seen,
it is healed.

There is a thing dengerous
as for the mountain.
It is get lost in the mountain,
and of the beer hit people

Though a mountain does not have
showy recreation such as the sea,
take it easy, because can spend it,
and can be relaxed.

Submitted by DL

Watch And Clock

watch's merit is
anytime check time.
It is any time put on
about with me.

Clock's merit is put on one place,
everyone know
that time at there.
everyone don't know time
at another place.

Submitted by DL

The Place Of My Memory Is
schoolyard offical regulation elementary.
Because I could do one friend there.
And he is my friend now.
I think that he is the lifetime friend.
Because I am mailing with him every day.
And I play him sometime now.
So think that he is the life time friend.
And I like schoolyard offical regulation elementary.
Because I could do the friend there
Who is my lifetime friend.

Submitted by DL

I Like The Place
which a homerun
will come out
and I will not
know the game.

Submitted by DL

I'm To Eat Now A Fish

I like restaurant
I would you like chiken.
It's chiken very nice
But not eat to chiken.
Because chiken Infulenza.
So I'm to eat now a fish.
I like desart.
I like ice.
I like piza.
I like pasta.
Pasta is very derishas.
I like meat pasta.
I think that best pasta is meat pasta, very nice.
I think to eat meat pasta in restaurant is best
But my home is not best.

Submitted by DL

There Are Various Brothers And They Will Fight
at a garden party
Although the duel
of tiger of two animals
started on the day,
two animals accepted mutually
that each other are the brothers
who got separate between fighting,
and began to play out of joy.
Brothers escape
from a governor hall together.
And although two animals play for a while and it lives,
it is found
and Makuroni is requested in settlement.

Submitted by DL

This Story Is Not Written
about old song.
War of ladies
pair youths
is written to this book.

Why this war broken out,
because one of
the member of youths
killed lady.
It was the beginning of this war.

Submitted by DL

Of A Degree Very Much

And it experiments,
the role of warder
becomes atrocious
and the role of a prisoner will be in the stress state
of a degree very much.
And an experiment is stopped
in seven days only.

Submitted by DL

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